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Staffing Coordinator
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Setup Coordinator
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2017 Final List of Invited Teams (Uploaded to NFHS sanctioning website) Use this list as a starting point, and add teams and upload revised list as required.


Student-Helper Documents
ACR High School Student Helper COACHES MASTER LIST   (For BRC Staffing Coordinator use)
ACR High School Student Helper Assignment Handout    (Handout for ACRHS Student-helpers)
ACR Middle School Student-Helper COACHES MASTER LIST    (For ACRMS Head Coach use. This form will ultimately be returned prior to the meet to the BRC Staffing Coordinator) 
ACR Middle School Student Helper Assignment Handout   (Handout for ACRMS Student-helpers) 

Officials and Coordinators Clipboard Documents (Print out copies and place in clipboards prior to meet)
Athlete Escort Supervisor
Awards Presenter
Check In Coordinator
Clerk of Course
Cooler Crew Supervisor
Crossing Guards & Gatekeepers Supervisor
Crossing Guards & Gatekeepers Handout (Print out 20 copies to give to Check In Coordinator to handout)
Funds Processor
Head Field Judge Discus (Men & Women)
Head Field Judge High Jump (Men & Women)
Head Field Judge Long Jump (Men)
Head Field Judge Long Jump (Women)
Head Field Judge Pole Vault (Men & Women)
Head Field Judge Shot Put (Men & Women)
Head Field Judge Triple Jump (Men)
Head Field Judge Triple Jump (Women)
Head Field Umpire
Head Track Umpire
Hurdle Chief
Inspector of Implements -Throws (Print out 2 copies -Men & Women)
Jury of Appeals (Print out 3 copies for each member of Jury of Appeals)
Meet Director, Assistant
Meet Director
MVP Selector
Packet Pickup Coordinator
Protests Clerk
Raffle Coordinator (50/50)
Results Runners Supervisor
Starting Line Clerk
Startline Crew Chief
Ticket Seller
Wind Gauge Operator

VIP & Sponsor Pass  (To be emailed to Sponsors prior to the BRC)


Protests Appeals Form

Umpire Incident Form (For Head Track Umpire's Clipboard)