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Tents & Water Stations


MONDAY of Meet Week    
  Email Ernie Kuster to set up kids to help Thur  (10) 9:45-11:00, Fri (10) 9:45-11:0
TUESDAY of Meet Week    
WEDNESDAY of Meet Week    
  Golf Cart to Track  
  Hurdle Crew Badges Prepare Hurdle Crew badges and instruction sheets
  Signs Setup


Keep Signage to a bare minimum.
These are the key signs to have in place for the meet:

1. Small Venue Identifying Signs hung on Horizontal Jumps, High Jump and Pole Vault tents. Use tape or clips to attach signs
2. Large triangle Athletes Only Sign on ground at Entrance to Jumps area
3. Athletes Only Sign at entrance to walk walk to Warm-up area. Place two blue Lowe's pails with PVC pipe side by side and hang sign on PVC.
4. Clerk Tent Sign on Clerk Tent
5. Trainer/First Aid Sign on Southeastern Sports Medicine Tent
THURSDAY of Meet Week    
FRIDAY of Meet Week    
10:00-1:00 All large tents are delivered and setup between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm. Classic Event Rental tents (Clerk, Staging and Blue Ridge Cafe)
Groce Funeral Services (Shot Put and Discus)
Anders-Rice Funeral Home (Field Umpire Tent)
  Setup Popup Tents and place chairs, benches and tables as required  
  Setup Water Stations with trash barrels, tables or desks to hold coolers, and boxes of cups  
  Line up Official's Bottled Water Coolers at finish line, add ice and bottled water, and then distribute to locations  
  Fill up Water Coolers for Water Stations and distribute to Water Stations  
Early Afternoon Deliver To Check In All cafeteria totes boxes
Cafeteria Signs Box
3:30 Buck to set up cafeteria -20 kids
Coach Kimbrough -10 Jumpers
Whitney -Throwers
Hurdlers: Tents and hurdles